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ENGLISH - Request Google My Business Review credentials

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Rick de Jong


14 december 2021 12:21

Request Google My Business Review credentials

Step by step guide to collect the GMB credentials

NOTE: When talking about "our plugin" we are referring to a plugin that is about to be released, for questions about it you can email us at The manual is also useful when you are not using "our plugin" (yet). When we talk about the company, we always refer to the company on whose website the plugin is installed. So this is the company whose reviews need to be accessed.

Before you can use the My Business API from Google, you need to request credentials for this API. This can be a complicated process, but we've made it easy for you! Follow the steps below and we'll guide you through the process.

Step by step guide

Step 1:

Make sure you have a Google account that has access to Google My Business:

This same Google account must also have access to the Google Cloud Console:

Step 2:

The company that you want the reviews to be read from is a location within Google. Make sure the Google account within Google My Business manages this location:

If it is not already, click on "Add company" and follow all the steps until the company is being managed as a location.

Step 3:

Within Google Cloud Console, create a new project or stay in an existing project:

Step 4:

Within the Library of APIs & Services, check if the Google My Business API is available:

If you don't find it, it is not available. Please note that it must be exactly "Google My Business API". In this case continue with step 5. If this API is already available then continue with step 8.

Step 5:

The Google My Business API must be specifically requested from Google. You can find all the information here:

Pay special attention to step 3 under the heading "Requesting access to the API":

Step 6: The application form (04-08-2021)

If you want to use the API not only for our plugin then it is recommended that you fill in this form as accurately as possible. If the API is only to be used for our plugin then you can use the guide below.

Page 1:

  • The Project ID and Project Number can be found in the dashboard of your project:
  • Enter the email address corresponding to the Google account that manages the project in the Google Cloud Console.

Page 2:

  • Enter all requested information about the company. Please note that it is desirable that the company information is clearly linked to the Google account. For example, the Google account must contain the name of your company in the username or in the e-mail address.
  • To find the Google Maps Listing URL, it is recommended that you look up the company on Google Maps. Once you have found the company, copy the URL from the browser and enter it into the form.
  • At "Your e-mail" you will again be asked for an e-mail address that corresponds to the company. For example for the company Tussendoor B.V.
  • If you have a Google Strategic Partner Manager or an Account Manager with an account, you can enter his or her email address in the last question, if not then literally enter "N/A".

Page 3:

The answer to this question is probably Local Business, but please fill in what applies to your company.

Page 4:

  • Again, describe the company here.
  • In step 2, you checked or added the locations within Google My Business, so you can enter "Yes" at the second
  • Then fill in the Google account that manages the company as a location. You will use this email address to log into
  • In the description you can add that the API is going to be used to access reviews.

Page 5:

  • Since this is a WordPress plugin, the answer to the first question is "Desktop".
  • Question 2: Management of reviews
  • Question 3: PHP
  • Question 4: There are no other platforms that our plugin publishes to, so please enter "N/A".
  • Question 5: "The application is only used internally by employees within my company to manage sites".
  • Read the terms and conditions and if you are sure you agree with this you can check "Yes".

Step 7:

It can take up to two weeks before Google responds to the application from step 6. They will send you an email first, asking for confirmation. You can reply to this email confirming that you are really requesting the API for the specified project.

Step 8:

Once you have been granted access you can activate the Google My Business API in the Library of APIs & Services:

Step 9:

Create an OAuth permission screen within your project, in Google this is called an "App".

  • - Give the App an appropriate name.
  • - Enter your e-mail address as a support e-mail.
  • - You can skip the logo or you can fill in the company logo here.
  • - At "App domain" you can add the requested URLs of the company.
  • - At "Authorised domains" enter the domain of the company.
  • - At "Developer contact information" you can enter your e-mail.
  • - Click on "Save and continue".
  • - Click on "Add scope".

The App is now saved in the "Testing" state. If you publish the App, anyone with a Google account can use your "App", but this is not necessary for our plugin. This way you ensure that only the specified Google account(s) can use your Google My Business API.

Step 10:

Go to the "Credentials" page and create an OAuth 2.0 Client ID.

  • - Give the Client ID an appropriate name.
  • - "Authorized JavaScript origins" can be skipped.
  • - At "Authorized redirect URIs" add the domain of the website, this is the website the plugin is being installed on.
  • - Click on "Save."

Step 11:

Install our plugin and enter your Client ID and Client Secret within the dashboard. You can find these in your Google Cloud Console under "Credentials" -> "OAuth 2.0 Client IDs" -> select your client -> at the very top right you will see the details.

Step 12:

  • Give the plugin access to your Google My Business API. This requires the OAuth 2.0 Client ID data, but you just need to click the button.
  • You may need to log in with the correct Google account now, this is the account that manages the project and has been added as a test user for your "App" (See step 9). It is also possible that you only need to select this account.
  • Because the App is (deliberately) in a test phase (and will remain so), Google gives a message that the App is not verified, this does not concern our plugin but the App created in step 9. So you can just click "continue" here because we can assume that you can trust your own App in your own Google account.
  • Check "Show, edit, create and delete your business listings on Google." to allow the plugin to access the reviews using the credentials you provided.
  • Click on "Continue".
  • You will be redirected to the company's website, if all goes well you will be notified of this and then you will be automatically redirected to our plugin's dashboard.

Step 13:

A new tab has now been added in the plugin, which is "Settings" navigate to this.

  • Read the explanation at the top of the settings.
  • Choose your desired account or location group.
  • Choose the location from which you want to access the reviews.
  • Click on "Save".